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Goa Online Casino GirlGoa Online Casino provides you the best Online Rummy, Poker & Casino experience in India. Goa is one of the tourist’s hot spots in India. Goa is famous for magnificent and sparkling beaches, multi cultural activities and happening casinos and night life. Goa Online Casino takes inspiration from this vibrancy and exhilaration to offer you one stop guide to the most popular online Rummy, Poker and Casino websites. One of the most important advantages of online gaming is that a lot of precious time and money is saved as you can play anywhere at any time.

Online Rummy in India

Online Rummy especially Indian 13 cards Rummy (Points, Pool or Deals Rummy) is the most popular and fastest growing segment of gaming in India.  It is legal to play online rummy for cash in India as Rummy is considered a “game of skill.”

The Supreme Court in its order dated 18th August allowed rummy club Mahalakshmi Cultural Association to withdraw its Special Leave Petition (SLP) as the members of the club were acquitted.  In its order, the Court clearly mentions that the writ petitions before the Madras High Court are withdrawn and therefore observations contained in the order do not survive.  It may be noted that insofar as online rummy was concerned, the Supreme Court while disposing online rummy companies’ petition on 13th August had noted that since the Madras High Court order did not pertain to online rummy, the matter was not res integra and consequently was not required to be heard further.

The combined implications of these two orders is that playing rummy for cash amounts to the offence of gambling has no validation and would not apply to either online or offline rummy.  Although, contrary to expectations, the Supreme Court order has not brought conclusive clarity on the legality of playing skill games for stakes, there have been no negative remarks in the order and therefore online rummy companies should be able to continue operations without roadblocks.

Rummy has been declared to be a “game of skill” or mere skill by the Indian Supreme Court. Games of skill or mere skill are excluded from the applicability of Indian laws prohibiting betting and gambling in all Indian states to the exception of a few. The Supreme Court of India has given judgements with regards to this and playing Rummy online is 100% legal.

However, players from the state of Assam and Orissa are typically not allowed on Top Legal Online Rummy Sites in India.

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