Rummy Strategy and Tips

November 17, 2015 Rummy

Card games are usually more intense and demand a higher level of concentration and focus. The player’s decision has a major impact on the game as a single wrong move can spoil the show. To play and win in Rummy one should be sure of certain things. Here are some exclusive rummy strategy and tips that can help you to beat your opponent.

Rummy Strategy : Know your opponent

The game Rummy is all about forming the desired sequence of the cards. It is highly critical to keep a watchful eye on your opponent’s card selection. It gives you an idea about his or her card hunt and you can secure those cards in further moves. For example while playing Rummy, you should be absolutely sure before discarding a card. If Adam is picking a card 9 or 10 of diamonds then, your strategy should be to secure cards nearer to 9 or 10. Doing this will surely prevent or slow down your opponent’s winning.


It is a very dynamic game and being concentrated on the game is a very powerful rummy strategy. The momentum can switch in few moves and at that point it is almost impossible to make a speedy recovery. A little attentiveness and a vigilant eye give you the extra edge over your opponent and you can easily track the opponent’s move. Suppose a player is collecting many cards of the same suite then you might want to retain a card which prevents the forming of the card chain. At the end, it boils down to concentration and staying focused through the game.

Rummy Strategy and Tips

Try to make two sequences as early as possible

In a 13 card Rummy game you should try to make two sequences as quickly as possible. This is the oldest rummy strategy in the textbook and the most followed one. In some types of rummy this trick will not let you lose even if you can’t make it to the top position. It is the safest road that you can take which allows you to make a start.

Choose Your Type

In any game, a perfect strategy will pull the win for you. In Rummy it all starts with how you set you cards or what options can you explore without choosing from the discarded stack. Initializing your game with a fixed strategy can sometimes work against you and it is always helpful to explore all the possible options available at that time. For example an Ace or a face card can make a sequence only with limited cards while an 8 has more options available it can make a run with  6-7,9-10.

Don’t give a clue

Discarding makes it easy for your opponent to guess the card you are looking for. You can bluff them quite easily. Suppose if you throw a 3 of hearts when you have 4 and 5 of the same suite. It gives an impression that you don’t need a three at all, hence gives you a chance of getting that card from the other player. Rummy is a skill based game so try not to give them a clue and let them guess!

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